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Plant Curation

To meet our service standard, each plant is carefully picked by our plant experts

Top Growers

We work only with top growers and suppliers to be able to give you the plants you deserve

Healthy Plants

When choosing a plant, we grade each one in eight different categories and make sure it is clean from diseases and pests

No Storage

No old inventory is kept in our warehouse

Data Driven

We keep track of each transaction we make and remove suppliers and plant types that don't meet our standards


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Updated Collections

To match the changing market trends, we update our planter collection every season.

Modern Designs

Only our head designer chooses which planters are sold on our site.

Top Brands

We collaborate with top design brands to give you the planters you want, from the design firms you love.

High Quality

When choosing a planter for our collection, the container quality is tested and only high quality items are added to our site.