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We are an online service for purchasing and caring for your houseplants.
We help you find the plant you want, choose the right container and even take care of the plant after you receive it. We do that with our proactive plant care service which is included with every purchase.
After you buy the plant and planter you love, we will help you keep it happy and healthy with water reminders (text or e-mail), plant food deliverers sent to your door, and ongoing professional service to help you with all your questions and issues that may come up.

With any purchase of a plant/planter combination we include the following:

  • A plant and planter
  • A watering vessel
  • Info pages about your plant and its needs
  • 12 months of proactive plant care service which includes:
    • Watering reminders - we tell you when to water your plant and how much water to use each time according to the plant type, plant size, your location and the time of year.
    • Plant food envelopes - whenever needed, we will send you the right plant food that is required to keep your plant happy and healthy in an envelope. This will be done according to our botanist professional instructions and will be tailored to your plant needs, the time of year and your location.
    • Free ongoing help and support - if you need our professional help for some reason, you will be able to chat with us and get our help and guidance.

Before being sent to you, each plant is carefully chosen by our plant experts.
Each plant is wrapped in special wrapping paper, cushioned as much as needed and boxed in a specially tailored and branded box in order to help it arrive in perfect shape.
In the box you will find a pamphlet with all the information you need about your new plant and the instructions on how to keep it happy and healthy.

Our service is currently active in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn only.
We will soon be rolling out in other exciting locations.

We believe buying a plant online should be an amazing experience.
If for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly accept returns or exchanges within four business days.
Exchanges are always free, and returns will be refunded in the original method of payment.
Please contact us to initiate a return or exchange.

We commit to delivering your plant within four business days (limited to our service area). The plant and the planter will come in 2 different shipments, but should arrive close to each other.

If you do not wish to buy a planter, you can purchase your plant with a generic plastic nursery pot that doesn't add to the plant's cost. To do so, simply choose the first planter in the planter options. We do not currently sell just a planter without a plant, but we might do so in the future if there is enough demand.
We only sell plants/planters combinations.


We offer all kinds of houseplants: large plants, small plant, ones that require your constant attention, and easy to grow alternatives.
If you need further help, you are welcome to contact us and we will help match you with a plant that meets your space, budget, and needs.

    Most of the house plants sold in the US are grown in Florida or California.
    We believe a high-quality plant should be a norm in the industry and thus we buy our plants only from top growers in the US.
    We work only with professional growers and distributes and each plant we sell is being carefully picked by our plant experts.

    It's easy.
    Pick a spot in your house where you’re considering placing your plant. At the brightest time of the day, usually around noon, hold your hand up and look at the shadow.
    High light: Crisp, well defined shadows and stark contrast.
    Low light: Faint shadows, unclear outline.
    This may not be super scientific, but it should give you a ballpark estimate of your lighting conditions.

    Filtered, distilled, or tap water, each plant has different requirements.
    Tap water is perfectly acceptable. However, it can sometimes contain high levels of chlorine, fluoride and other minerals that can be damaging to some plant types over time. To rid tap water of minerals, let water sit overnight allowing for these minerals to naturally evaporate.
    We know that you are not a water expert or a botanist, this is why we have built the proactive plant care service that is included in any plant purchase.
    Inside the plant box, you will find all the information needed in order to care for your plant. In addition, you can always chat with us and we will help you with any question that pops into your mind - we are here to help!

    While some people may prefer a cold shower in the summertime, plants like consistency. The best temperature is room temperature, which is what the plant itself maintains in order to avoid thermal shock. In an office setting, avoid using chilled water. Try to keep temperature fluctuations to a minimum, bearing in mind how these plant would experience the seasons in their natural habitat. While it may be tempting to use the office cooler, remember that water in these units is often chilled.
    Tropical and subtropical plants suffer the most from thermal shock, which is why these plants are often found in a greenhouse.
    Why worry though? Our plant care service will guide through the process of growing and caring for your plant. We are here to help you with all your needs.


    Of course.
    Buying a houseplant is a great gift and many of the plants we sell are sold as gifts.
    Housewarmings, baby showers, new office or businesses - all perfect occasions for a beautiful plant gift.
    If you wish, we will be happy to add a handwritten greeting card free of charge.
    Please contact us for and we will be happy to assist you with the process.

    Of course.
    Please contact us for and we will be happy to assist you with that.

    Please contact us for and we will be happy to assist you with that.